Request for Dev. Help.

Request for Dev. Help.

TLDR; * I need help making a widget that will connect to a Arduino Nano to poll and display events. I’ve been trying to do it, But I lack the coding chops to get it to work. At all. *

The project in question. I’ve made a RPM Tach / Speed controller for the DWP611. The RPM Sensing is done with a IR rx/tx thats pointed at the collet on the 611 with a thin strip of reflective tape. The speed control (more like speed setting) part is done by bypassing the Analog Pot on the 611 and replacing it with a Digipot thats connected to the Arduino Nano. That Arduino in-turn is connected to the Spindle PWM pin connected to an Due running TinyG2. And lastly a temp sensor taped on the 611s chassis with kapton tape. All of this works so far.

The Part I having great difficulty with is getting the output from the nano to CP.

I am passing :

Spindle : ON / OFF

The exact variable that the nano is passing is:

DWP611:ON RPM:8512 MAX:8591 MIN:8499 TEMP: 94.6F

I’d like to read all this into a widget similar to the DRO widget. With the only exception is the Spindle on would be a Red / Green dot.

As of now, This is only a “Set this RPM and monitor” It currently does not attempt to maintain that rpm if it dips (Yet)… Still working on that.

If anyone with the coding know-how wants to help. Please let me know.

I think it might be best to fork the Laser Solder widget. That widget has a pulldown to show the active serial ports and it lets you pick which port your Arduino is on that controls your laser. This is quite similar to your needs. I think getting this widget going will be easy. I’d be up for doing a Google Hangouts on Air with you where we build this together and then allow other folks to watch how we built it so they can build their own in the future.

That would be cool. Just let me know when you’d like to set that up.