RepRap GLCD Encoder not working?

(Brian Lapolt_SW) #1

So I got my smoothieboard the other day along with the GLCD Shield and RepRap Discount GLCD. I’ve got the lcd working (displays stuff from the smoothie), but the encoder and PB1 on the GLCD don’t seem to do anything. The click button on the encoder brings me to a menu screen and then back to the main screen and that’s it.

I’ve pasted my Panel config code below. It’s basically all the stock stuff commented/uncommented as needed. I assumed this was a plug and play deal.

# Panel
panel.enable                                  true              # set to true to enable the panel code
#panel.lcd                                    smoothiepanel     # set type of panel
#panel.encoder_a_pin                          3.25!^            # encoder pin
#panel.encoder_b_pin                          3.26!^            # encoder pin

Example for reprap discount GLCD

on glcd EXP1 is to left and EXP2 is to right, pin 1 is bottom left, pin 2 is top left etc.

+5v is EXP1 pin 10, Gnd is EXP1 pin 9

panel.lcd reprap_discount_glcd
panel.spi_channel 0 # spi channel to use ; GLCD EXP1 Pins 3,5 (MOSI, SCLK)
panel.spi_cs_pin 0.16 # spi chip select ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 4
panel.encoder_a_pin 3.25!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 3
panel.encoder_b_pin 3.26!^ # encoder pin ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 5
panel.encoder_resolution 1
panel.click_button_pin 1.30!^ # click button ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 2
panel.buzz_pin 1.31 # pin for buzzer ; GLCD EXP1 Pin 1
panel.back_button_pin 2.11!^ # back button ; GLCD EXP2 Pin 8

pins used with other panels

#panel.up_button_pin 0.1! # up button if used
#panel.down_button_pin 0.0! # down button if used
#panel.click_button_pin 0.18! # click button if used

panel.menu_offset 0 # some panels will need 1 here

panel.alpha_jog_feedrate 6000 # x jogging feedrate in mm/min
panel.beta_jog_feedrate 6000 # y jogging feedrate in mm/min
panel.gamma_jog_feedrate 200 # z jogging feedrate in mm/min

panel.hotend_temperature 185 # temp to set hotend when preheat is selected
panel.bed_temperature 60 # temp to set bed when preheat is selected

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(Brian Lapolt_SW) #2

OK, Now i feel like an idiot… I neglected to solder one of the 3 pin headers that just so happened to be for the encoder A/B and the other button…. Works perfectly now.

(ACMEracer_SW) #3

If it makes you feel better I did the exact same thing. The Smoothieboard had all of the pins soldered on the board except these three pins. Messed with it for about an hour before I found your post above and checked.

(Michael Lew_SW) #4

Which pins? I have the same problem but do not know what to solder.

(Arthur Wolf) #5