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I have heard that gear movement can be somewhat rough at times, if you put another set of gears next to the first set, can you get close to helical gears by offsetting the second set by half a gear tooth? If so, and that is popular enough, could coupling pin holes be automatically put in the gear sets to help couple them at the half a gear tooth offset?

Nathaniel, I have no idea.
I haven’t heard of any issues with gear movement based on proximity of unrelated movements but maybe @funinthefalls knows something about that. He deals with piles of little clanky gears on the daily.

It is according to the shape of the gear or if it moves smoothly and consistently and with no wiggle. The shape also depends some on the cut quality.

Well, I hope you find what works or you. Without having tried it yet I think you are wasting your time worrying about it. The loose tolerances of your machine just might make up the slack you are hoping for.