Replicape Rev B3A! Samples arrived today,

Replicape Rev B3A! Samples arrived today, time to make some test beds:)

Cool! What’s new?

Exactly, what’s new?

No start-up noise, cooler caps, no crooked fan connectors, higher value pull-downs, a boot-hole and a header for the remaining pwm channels. Mostly nice to have features, but worth fixing for the next batch!:slight_smile:

Nice. Looks good.

The new stepper driver chip they used on the new Duet Wifi looks nice, have you tested those out any? TMC2660. A bit larger so they would not fit on your board.

Yeah, I’m very happy with the 2660 on the Duet Wifi. They’re doing SPI control for setup and regular dir/step pulses. I don’t know offhand what the differences are with the other TMCs though.

Or if you want a semi drop in replacement the tmc2130 which like the tmc2660 also has stall guard and other features but the same current capacity of the tmc2100

Does this mean all of the current Rev B will be getting a fix for the steppers making noise at start up soon?

Philip, there is not much to be done for B3 to help the start-up noise. Best case is that the second whine disappears, but Imo it’s not a great concern. I’d rather get a new kamikaze out for one, so we don’t have to get ssh access to update the software! My $0.02:)

I’d prefer easier updating as well, but figure I ask.

maybe if its just simple parts upgrade, you could sell a little upgrade kit for the DIY solder people for the main issues solved? Like those caps look like the could be replaced in about 5 minutes with newer ones for example. people always like having the newest and best, i just bought a replicape a few weeks back so a little ouch lol.

anyways, im still building my 3d printer so im not even sure how important these upgrades are so maybe its a non concern for most people