Replicape beta-image release

Replicape users,

Happy new year!

As a belated Christmas gift, allow me to share the beta-release of our new image build system:

Please read the release notes carefully.
Feel free to ask questions here or in Slack!



Problem identified:
When updating the config or issuing a RESTART, Klipper frequently does not restart correctly and returns an mcu-related error. Config is usually not at fault, a system reboot without changing config file resolves this.

I am investigating the cause and will hopefully issue a corrective update soon.

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Problem 1 update:

jakep_82 on Slack documents the same mcu issue happening 6 months back on a “by the book” installation of Klipper on his replicape. It may be a Klipper bug rather than a ReFactor bug. Still investigating.

Problem 2 identified - fix available:

Mjpg-streamer not properly installed.

To fix:

cd /usr/src/Umikaze
apt-get update
git remote set-url origin
git pull
ansible-playbook install_mjpgstreamer.yml
systemctl start mjpg

Problem 3: Bug with Toggle not starting

Toggle’s service dependency depends on a service that no longer exists, hence it fails at boot. Works fine when restarted manually after startup.

To fix:

cd /usr/src/Umikaze/
git pull
cp roles/install_toggle/files/toggle.service /lib/systemd/system/toggle.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart toggle

Problem 4: git pull permission denied on github

It seems in my rush to get the beta out the door I forgot to change the git repository’s URL to use the public HTTPS instead of the SSH key (which you obviously do not have) on the image.

To fix this, it’s a very simple change - it was also updated in the problem 2 fix instructions:

apt-get update
cd /usr/src/Umikaze
git remote set-url origin
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Problem 5: Klipper crashes when restarting

Thanks to manbehindthemadness on slack for finally giving me the missing clue as to why Klipper refuses to restart properly on the beta 1 image. It seems that klipper needs to run with a much higher priority on the system, to avoid timing errors.

To fix this issue, run:

apt-get update
cd /usr/src/Umikaze
git remote set-url origin
git checkout master
git pull
systemctl stop klipper
systemctl stop klipper_pru
ansible-playbook install_klipper.yml

Dear all,

There’s a new beta in town!

Please be aware of a few important changes on this beta2 compared to the previous ReFactor beta:

  • Login is now debian : temppwd
  • Has Octoprint 1.4.0 installed
  • Klipper & Klipper PRU can be restarted with a single sudo systemctl restart klip

Read the release notes attentively. Previous bugfixes no longer needed (except maybe for Problem 4 - to be confirmed)

Again, big thanks to @BlackStump on our Slack & Github for his work on the installation scripts that make things work reliably.

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Aaand, not that long later, Beta 3 is out:

Please use Beta 3 instead of Beta 2 - there are significant issues with Beta 2. Read the release notes on Github!

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Problem 1 in beta 3

Connman service is not enabled.

To fix this for next boot(s):
sudo systemctl enable connman

To fix for the currently running BBB (only needed once):
sudo systemctl start connman

Then you can connect with connmanctl as expected.

New beta image available for Replicape.
Please read the notes in detail on github!

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Beta 6

Known issue #1:

Z1 endstop acts as a power button. Z1 triggers -> power goes off. Fix is actively being sought, has to do with GPIO mappings.

Beta 6 issue 1 fix

After flashing and booting, ssh in with root:kamikaze credentials, make sure internet is available then run:

cd /usr/src/ReFactor
git pull
ansible-playbook SYSTEM_klipper_octoprint-DEFAULT.yml --extra-vars '{"platform":"replicape","packaging":"apt"}'

Or, if internet isn’t reachable, you can edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf with nano change
#HandlePowerKey=shutdown to HandlePowerKey=ignore
Then run systemctl restart systemd-logind and you’re good to go.

RC 1 image

Released RC1 with the fix of Beta6 above.