Replacing broken exhaust fan

Hi all,

I just received my OMTech 50W “K40” and the exhaust fan that comes with it is has a case/blades broken in three pieces. I’m talking with customer support to get a replacement, but this will probably take a while.

Actually, I think this is a bit of a blessing, because I hear that the fans with these things are usually not powerful enough and my exhaust train is quite long. I went ahead and purchased a six inch variable speed inline fan and hope this will be a sufficient upgrade.

My actual question is what do to with the broken fan. Obviously it needs to be removed from the air path. Is it okay to just cut the two wires, remove the fan and tape the two wires to something out of the way? Just want to make sure I do this part safely, I appreciate any recommendations! (They run through wire guards back to the main boards, and finding where they are screwed onto the main boards without a schematic or such will be very tedious.)

Thanks for your time!


Is it really hard to trace the wires? Usually pulling gently at both ends can make it clear which wire in a loose bundle is which.


As Michael indicated, Ideally you would really want to disconnect the wiring all together.

If you do cut the wires you need to be sure to seal off the end of each wire separately to avoid them shorting out.

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Thanks so much for the reply guys! The wires go all the way around the machine through three different conduits, but I will take the time to track them down.