Replacing a broken Set box

My wife teaches math, and one of the tools she uses is the game of Set. However, our copy fell and the ABS box broke, but the lid survived. I designed a replacement box to interface with the original lid. I don’t know how consistent the game has been over time, so I don’t know whether this would work for others.

My replacement is made with FreeCAD LinkStage3 with the save-to-directory feature. The SetBox.FCstd file may work with upstream FreeCAD but the SetBox directory is the canonical location. I printed it in PETG because it should be tough enough if the set gets dropped again. :relaxed:


What printer do you have?
I use an Ender3, fully modified. It prints pretty smooth.
Is that kind of like an UNO card tray? Where the pull stack goes face down and the discard
stack goes face up?

I have two. One that I designed myself using the frame from a Tronxy X5S that was a piece of junk as delivered, and one SK-Tank that is really good except for the bed not being as flat as I wanted.

I don’t know if it’s like an UNO card tray or if it would fit. It needs to hold 81 cards, which I think are the size of normal playing cards but I haven’t checked that. It was intended only for storage, not for game play.

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My Ender3 had a crown to it, I took a piece of 3/16 annealed glass and clipped it to the bed, then I put a Mag-plate on that with a Mag build plate. It’s as flat as a rule.