Replacing a broken knob on a KitchenAid mixer

Our KitchenAid mixer has two controls: one for speed and one to lock the head pivot. The speed knob is still there:

The pivot lock knob broke off some time ago, leaving just a metal stem.

Today I modeled something like the speed control knob to install on the pivot lock. Heated up the metal arm with a butane torch for just long enough to press the knob all the way on and then cool in place; it’s probably not coming off any time soon.

I might sand it, or I might just leave it be. I could have printed it in black to match, but somehow the gray filament was calling my name, so I used that instead.

If anyone else ever needs such a thing, the model is available.


Thanks for bringing us up to speed!

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I got this all locked in!


OK, Fill me in on Gitlab?

Not sure what you want to know about gitlab.

If you are asking what and why: It’s kind of like github, but it’s open source. So you can either use their service, as I do here, or run it yourself, and those who run it themselves can do it on their own for free or pay gitlab for support; lots of institutions choose to pay one way or another. I use it for many of my projects because it’s easy for me to push new versions of files I create; I use git already to keep track of the changes to my files for almost anything I work on, and this way it’s really easy for me to update. It also has lots of features aimed at software developers that I’m not using here.

If you are asking how to use the link above, if you follow the link above, it takes you to a page with a list of file, like this:

If you click on the KitchenAidKnob.stl file, you get a interactive renderer:

You can click on it and rotate around to look at it, like this:

In the upper right corner there is a download button:


That lets you download the file.


Thanks, I looked at the site and moved on, Time limitations… I’ll revisit it soon.