Replacement Smoothieboard 3x (big mosfets not included) versus 4x - reduced laser power

Hi All,

I had a 4 axis smoothie working great for a year or so, until a storm knocked it out. I bought a replacement 3 axis card but it has no big mosfets, so in any case, I cannot connect to P2.5, only 2.4 or 2.6. I seem to be getting minimal (10-15%) laser power and some power still on G00 moves, the pot doesn’t override it unless I press the test switch.

Do I need to have a board with the big mosfets or is there some other workaround?

Thanks for any assistance.

Any mosfet configured as open drain will work if it has pwm capability.
We would need to know how you are configured and wired to the lps to help.
The behavior of the pot does not seem right!