Replacement Ashtray for '93 Del Sol -- Doesn't have the hinged portion yet,

Replacement Ashtray for '93 Del Sol – Doesn’t have the hinged portion yet, and it’s only modeled with the shell so that I can get an accurate representation. I don’t smoke, so going to remove the inner hollow and turn it into a Nexus 5 phone dock that I can just throw my phone into for charging with a prewired USB receptacle at the bottom.

I’ll probably order one of these: to sit in the bottom instead of attempting to rip apart some chintzy, cheap, micro USB cable and adapt it.

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the nexus 5 supports qi charging which would avoid cables, but limits it to half an amp

A crx del sol??

If you post the model somewhere, please link it.

@Steven_Cadd , yep - That’s the car I drive. Going to do a frankenstein swap soon. B20B engine, with vtec head, eagle push rods, perfect 1.75 stroke ratio, flat torque curve, but I gotta fix the interior too.

And yeah, once I perfect the model, I’ll post the sldprt and stls

I have one also @ThantiK ​. She’s in the drive until I have time to fix her. She’s been sitting there 3 years so I imagine her internals will also need a redecorate. Lovely little thing.

@Koen_Kooi , No QI charging for me. With navigation running, without the full 1A for charging, my battery still goes down. However, there is likely going to be a spot for me to stick an NFC sticker so that when scanned, it knows it’s in the car and thus connects to bluetooth, turns off wifi, turns on navigation, etc.

I’ve considering something similar for my 2005 Corvette. I currently just shove my Galaxy S4 (with rubber case) into the cup holder, but it is not very secure and the wire for charging is getting bent. My plan (so far only in my head) was to 3d print something that would fit into the cup holder that would A) hold the phone, and B) hold a cup on the side of it because I don’t want to give up the cup holder. Theoretically, this would be easily transferable to another car. Theoretically. Your idea sounds much cooler, but more elaborate than I want to bother with for my situation. (Aside: I love driving it but I really want to ditch it for an electric car, and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to tell myself “a Tesla is too expensive”, when I could just buy a Leaf or a Volt.)

@SirGeekALot , me and the wife are seriously talking about financing a Model E prior to it actually being available.

@ThantiK Awesome. One idea I’ve had is getting a 3 year lease on a Volt. EVs are still pretty new, but in 3 years I might be able to get the Tesla Model E or a used Model S (if the price comes down enough, but I’m not sure it will, since they will likely hold their resale value very well, I think).

I hate to resurrect such an old thread but did you ever finish this model?

Yeah, the model I made was basically finished. Fit into place fine - I can try to find the solidworks model later if you need it, or export the STL?


Hello, can you please upload the STL file on thingiverse or similiar?

Hello, can you please upload the STL file on thingiverse or similiar?

Hi, I would like to have the stl archive for the ashtray of the del sol, I have a 93 del sol but I don’t have any ashtray, can you help me with that??

Seems this thread is basically dead and getting auto replied, but is there any chance you still have that ash tray replacement STL file? I’m the owner of the Del sol archive and we were curious if you were wanting to add it so the design doesn’t get lost to time? Also was wanting to make one for my car. Honda del sol - Google Docs

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