Repeating the process: Must it be 100% congruent? I think so

EDIT: Look post #3 for a better explaination, thx!

So today i was trying to vector cut throu 2,5mm cork.
This material is kinda tricky because it will start to burn and the edges will be blurry if your settings are not right.
So i found the best speed for the highest current and ran it a couple of times, with no success of total penetration.
What i found afterwards (checking with black plastic of a cd cover) was that each pass was slightly off.
I cant remember if i reininitialized the position between the single passes or not.
My bed is improvised and i did not fixate the cork but i dont think the vibrations from the machine could have moved it.

So lets say that the cork did not move.
Does the K40 have to be 100% congruent with every single pass, reinitialised or not?

Cork ablates in the same manner as the heat shield on a spacecraft does on reentry. It’s not unusual to wind up with charring,etc. You more or less erode through successive layers. It can be tricky to cut, and personally, I’ve never had great success.



Oh i think i was a little to specific with the cork thing and mixed things up.
On the cork i could not even see the difference between the runs.
But i can clearly see it on a black plastic CD cover.
Each run is slightly off by 0,5mm (approx.).

So lets forget the cork thing (but thanks for your insight) and focus on this:

Given that your object is not moving:
Does the K40 have to be 100% congruent with every single pass, reinitialised or not?

If the piece isn’t moving then it should be 100% congruent. Can you provide a picture?

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Why not? I would very much expect that vibrations from stepper motors would move things around, and there’s no particular reason to think that the movements would be all cancelled out. I hate to suggest the obvious, but why not fix it in place and test?


I did not fix it because i am still in the test phase and the setup looked sturdy to me.
But i will of course retest it with proper fixation and share my experience in the nearest future and
if the fault remains i will provide a pic.