Rep Rap : The little bolt hobbit.

Rep Rap : The little bolt hobbit. Make your own hobbet bolt whith this nice accesory.
Download it from:

That’s the best one I’ve seen so far…

I second @Justin_Hubbard s thoughts on this. That looks atrocious and shouldn’t be done if you want a functioning print that doesn’t look like total garbage.

Get a drill and a round file, file a round groove into the bolt (use a bolt with a flat near the hex head), then use a M4 tap in order to get a hobbed bolt done properly. As pictured, that thing will drive filament at a varying rate, likely tear the filament to shreds, and lead to many many problems.

@Justin_Hubbard @ThantiK using a tap sounds an interesting idea, can everything you need be printed on a 3d printer or do you need specialist workshop equipment?

@Tony_Hine_Nifty_Acce what do you mean “interesting idea”? This is how practically everyone in the reprap world has been doing it for years now… >_>