Released my new CNC design (LienCNC V2)

I just posted on Github my design files and documentation for the new CNC router I completed it in December. It took me a while to get the model cleaned up, and all the documentation in order so it matched my As-Built final assembly. Model files were natively designed in Solidworks 2018, but I also exported and converted into many other 3D formats (Fusion360, Step, Iges, X_T, 3d-pdf). I also generated dimensioned prints for all fabricated parts and exploded view assemblies (pdf, dxf, and dwg).

I have included a detailed BOM and all documentation and manuals I utilized are uploaded as well. Pretty much everything is modeled in, down to every bolt, washer, etc. Hopefully these files and documentation can be useful to others in their projects.

Take care, and Happy Making!


Nice! Thanks so much for sharing your build. :smiley:

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