Relatively new to using Chilipeppr but here are a few suggestions / feedback items.

Relatively new to using Chilipeppr but here are a few suggestions / feedback items. Currently using it with the tinyg board.

  1. Is there a way to disable the help bubble that appears after hovering? Once you get to know the user interface these are no longer needed and can impede usage.

  2. (Is there a) Jog control for a-axis for rotary motion?

  3. Often the a-axis digital display does not update even though motion is occurring.

  4. Allow units to be changed for a-axis from mm to degrees or radians.

Hi Keith, great suggestions. If you know Javascript, would you be up for possibly extending the interface to add such features? I totally agree with you. There is a macro that turns off popup bubbles. It would be nice to have that turned into a menu and as a sticky item that sets/gets localStorage to always run the last selected option of on/off bubbles.

For the a axis stuff, forking the Axes widget and then doing a pull request could be a workable way to go.

Hmm, I have worked with it but it has been a few years ago. Actually didn’t realize that was what it was using. I’m guessing it is on github and go from there or more complicated than that? Certainly willing to look at it.

If you watch the 3 videos on the homepage it gives you a really good view of how to modify the code. Really easy once you see those. It’s all on Github but each widget has a triangle pulldown menu in upper right that takes you to the code and even to the cloud9 editor.

I have found a few of your tutorial videos but due to frame rate in the “ChiliPeppr Developer Tutorial - Hello World Widget” when you forked the widget ~@2:00 it opened up in jsfiddle, but I’m not sure what you did as it wasn’t visible. I have found the code, have a jsfiddle account but did not sign up for cloud9 since it requires a CC for signup, that’s a deal breaker. How else can I edit this using jsfiddle without (assuming) going through cloud9? I’m tempted to just edit the text files alone but the GUI for jsfiddle will obviously allow for some testing / debugging and make things much easier.

you could just edit in your local ide. may be easier than jsfiddle.

The real question is whether or not a cloud9 account is required to open in jsfiddle directly the way it did for you?

All the widgets used to be built/hosted in JSFiddle. Now they’re all hosted in Cloud9 so there could be a Github backing. You’re just watching an old video. JSFiddle does not talk to Cloud9.

I’ve made a few of the changes and have tested them in the old version using JSfiddle. Later I made the same changes to a version on github. As far as I can tell, I cannot test these without a cloud9 account since the test url uses cloud9 and the editor also generates the auto-generated workspace. Not sure why they require CC for registration unless they have had problems from script kiddies.

Cloud9 is now owned by Amazon, so it is very safe to use them. They’re an amazing company and have done a killer job with Cloud9. I can’t live without it now. Beyond that you can just run the project in your own IDE and run the runme.js to regenerate the auto-generated.html page. It’s just a node.js server that does all the work for you. Why it’s so nice using Cloud9 is you get your own virtual machine with node.js already installed. If you do it local on your box with your own IDE like IntelliJ you just end up setting up your whole environment from scratch, and although that’s not too hard, it’s a pain enough for me that Cloud9 makes it a breeze.

Thanks John, and good to know regarding Amazon, I hadn’t heard.

Looking for a bit on insight on working with forked widgets. I have made some changes to the axes widget and have tested it by itself, however I cannot get it to work with the forked top-level application. Do I need to fork every last widget to make this work or just the top-level and the one(s) I am changing? I have found several locations where I needed to “inline” the new widgets locations and that made a slight difference, but not fully rendering everything, especially the essentials like widget-spjs. I have not located a newer tutorial, but did see the one by Ray K. which helped on several things.

There are 3 videos on the homepage that are essential for understanding the code. Hopefully that helps.

I believe these are ones I watched early on before having access to cloud9 but will review again, I’m sure that should take care of it the issues. I did think you had indicated they were old and out of date though.

Those videos on homepage are still valid. Structure of widgets/workspace are still the same.