Relating to my ABS juice comment,

(Clint O'Connor) #1

Relating to my ABS juice comment, here’s the mirror finish I’m getting on the bottom of my cameras now with 100C heated bed with borosilicate glass and a cold wipe of a light ABS juice (I don’t see any wash or streaks on the glass if I do it right).

(Clint O'Connor) #2

That camera is about 8" wide x 4" (on the bottom which is the vertical face you see in the photo). No brim and no warping.

(Carlton Dodd) #3

Wow. When you said “mirror”, I thought “really smooth”, not actually mirror-like!

(Dale Dunn) #4

I’ve been meaning to try that solid fill pattern. Now I really want to try it.

(Clint O'Connor) #5

+Dale Dunn Concentric top/bottom fill in Slic3r.

(David Cushing) #6

I was thinkin’ “Nice cookie-cutter” but then noticed it was a flat surface. Wow is correct.

(Clint O'Connor) #7

Update: this might only work with larger parts of at least a square inch or two if they are tall. I printed several bunnies last night and the smaller ones got knocked over, so I’m retrying with a brim.