Regarding the config for Smoothieboard,

Regarding the config for Smoothieboard, should we use the one on the github for spider V2 or directly from Smoothie? The reason I ask is because the V2 config is a year old, and I am using the X5 Mini V2 Azteeg board. Are there significant differences in the config?

On a side note Octoprint couldn’t identify the Azteeg, any suggestions on default port or baud rate to use?

Is there a way to adjust the voltage to the stepper motors? I am running the 5984 drivers from Panucatt. When I moved the motors through the Viki display the x and y seemed choppy and had a hard time moving the carriage; however the Z was smooth as butter. I set the steps to 1/16 for Z and 1/32 for X and Y.

Should the stepper voltage be increased for X and Y? I am only familiar with manual pot adjustment.

You will want to use the latest smoothieware and the latest x5 mini v2 config (but I think you have the v3, not v2 like you said above).

@Eclsnowman Thanks Eric, I meant V3, you’re correct. Is there anything in the config specific to the spider V2?

I recommend starting with a fresh configuration. It is an easy edit.