Red Cedar Rocker

Built my second guitar using k40 cut templates; distressed red cedar for the top back filled with pearl green epoxy. Dyed the fretboard with aniline dye. Installed dual humbuckers; man this thing screams.


Holy Crap! Dude, that is amazing work!

So you did template routing with your K40 cut templates?

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Thank you; I think it’s the best thing I’ve made using the K40. This this really came together…

The answer to your question is yes and no. The top of the guitar is about 1/2" thick and I could easily route it using a pattern bit. The bottom section of the guitar is structural, and much thicker (about 1 1/2") and there are internal electronics channels and bays that do not easily lend themselves to pattern routing with such a thin template. As such, I used the k40 template to route another template out of 1/2" MDF and subsequently used that for the bottom.

The true power of the k40 is, in my mind, the ability to very precisely locate and position critical components on a build. Having a laser cut template allowed me to EXACTLY position the bridge, the neck pocket, and the pickups. These turn into colossal issues without laser guidance.

For those who might ask, stock K40 (mostly) and coreldraw.

Thanks again; I appreciate the kind words.



Clearly a 10!
Very modern craftsmanship!
Do we get a sound track?

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What is the fretboard made out of?

Thank you very much! The outline of the guitar is a knockoff of a Fender Stratocaster, but I chose to build it more like a Gibson Les Paul with separate top and bottom sections and enclosed electronics bays with no obtrusive pick guard. I think it’s a very clean design that maintains continuity.

My nephew has a degree in jazz guitar and he can absolutely shred a guitar; I’m going to track him down and post a little video when I get some free time.

Thanks again!


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The fretboard is maple; I bought the neck as I have not been able to successfully build a router jig that can cut the correct radii for both the fretboard and the back of the neck. I’ve tried and sort of gotten close, but I can’t justify building a humongous rotating jig unless I start cranking out a lot of guitars.