Rect Grid Leveling Consistently Off

(EspElement_SW) #1


I have been loving my Smoothieboard and the leveling feature. But lately I have been doing a part that takes up most of my build plate. Because of that I have noticed that consistently making this part, that the left side of the bed is reading closer to the bed than the right side of the bed. Seems consistent across the direction of the Z path. I have an Anet A8, which has 2 z steppers. I am not sure what is causing htis issue, I have tried playing with my start gcodes but it is always the same results. I tried to make sure my probe offset was spot on, I tried to make sure to 2 sides are perfectly level with the bed, STILL it wants to move off like this. I would say it is a difference of around 0.3-4mm. If it was sparatic, I would blame my probe, but I don’t think so…

What can I do to diagnose this issue? I also wanted to see if having my Z probe double or triple check each location and find the average in case the probe is the issue, how do I do that?


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(EspElement_SW) #2

Any thoughts here? I am still fighting this and it is very frustrating. I am considering setting my probe offset to 0,0. Does this sound like a good idea?