Recovering from stops

I have started to use my CNC more often and I can never seem to recover rationally from:

  • Feed stop and restart. I needed to stop the machine to do something like adjusting the vacuum, then restart.
  • Endstop event: somehow an endstop was triggered during a job and the tiny G reset. I think I actually bumped the switch.

In most cases, I have to reset everything including the serial port server.
Generally, I just start trying stuff, and eventually, I get it all to start over at the beginning of the job.

As you know realignment and restart from the beginning of a 1 hr job is painful and inaccurate.
I need to learn how to start a job from the last operation if that is possible.

I am in the process of searching for documentation on how to properly recover from a manual stop or an error generated stop using Chillipepr.

Thought I would get your advice while I am searching :).

There is something (I’m not about to solve it!), I’ve been there too.

I did find a solution to this, but I havent called on my CNC for quiet a long time.

I’ll research it tomorrow (UK time) if you don’t get a reply before.

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Much of your issue is with TinyG, not with ChiliPeppr, so you might find more in some of their forums, however I found that most often when I feedhold I am able to resume very cleanly, but sometimes it does seem to have TinyG messed up and I do have to wipe everything and restart.

There is a video on Youtube showing you how to restart from a specific line. I actually do use this feature a lot. You can hover lines in the 3d viewer to find which line number, then jump to that line in the Gcode widdget, then start from that line. It’s kind of a touchy operation but is essential to resume from a specific spot.

On the endstop, some folks have reported noise if they use just the 3.3 volt on endstops and many upgrade to 12 volts with optocouplers to isolate any noise.

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Thanks I will check the tiny G forum again.

My problem is that I am not sure what to do in the Chilipeppr interface to recover and start at a particular place in the job.

Are you referring to this cryptic :slight_smile: video:

My endstop events are me exceeding limits in the program or activating switches while the machine is running, I don’t think it is noise.

No, the youtube vid i was referring to is this one

OK, that helps…finding the restart line and set that as the restart position in the Gcode.
If this is the correct way to restart, what is the resume (~ ) button for?

If I have to reset the tinyG is this what I have to do:

  • Reset Tiny G and insure it reconnects
  • Reposition the bit to the physical zero position and reset the machine zero
  • Find the restart line. Set that as the starting line in the Gcode widget
  • Hit play
    Do I have to do anything to the planner buffer

If there are any docs on the chilipeppr interface let me know and I will go there.

Thanks for your help…

The ~ button is to resume after a Feedhold. Use that first and if it doesn’t work, fallback to what I describe in that video. Go ahead and just test it out. Run a basic airjob and try pausing via Feedhold and then resuming. You’ll see it works great on TinyG, most of the time. Sometimes you’ll find it fails and causes a full reset required, just like when you hit an endstop. Then do what I describe in that video.

All documentation for ChiliPeppr is only in the form of Youtube videos. However, there’s tons of forum content available if you just google search, as there’s 5 years worth of questions piled up with answers online.

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