Recore GUI configuration project

Hi all,

I’m posting this here as a call for help.
I’ve got a few years of development behind me, but always working on the backend (i.e. scientific data in HPC settings, processing pipeline infrastructures, etc.). So I get all the data transformations and map lookup stuff just fine.

But when it comes to designing a UI? Ooof.Not my thing.

Recore is a neat little board, which I’m sure you probably know if you’ve followed the discussions on the Thing Printer discord. But since it’s a Klipper only board, you need to get in dirty with the config file to make it run.

To simplify matters, given that the board is a fixed package, so the variety of options is somewhat simplified compared to Klipper as a whole, I’m making a GUI configuration app. The idea being that you say what stepper plug and what endstop pin each axis is using, with some values about the geometry of the machine, and you then get a validated klipper configuration without having to lookup pins on the wiki.

If there are any Recore users who want to contribute, feel free to submit PRs/tickets on the Reconfigure Github, I’m open to feedback and about learning to make sure the code is clean.