Recore at ERRF 2022

Hey all,

I’ve been out of touch on the forums for a while.

Thing-Printer now has Recore A6 available for sale in small quantities. @Elias_Bakken himself is making those by hand. But they are working really well.

We also created a new image generation process using Ansible, using Klipper as a firmware for both Replicape and Recore.

Replicape is considered legacy at this point, and the newer images for Refactor do not get generated for it anymore - the latest version for ReFactor on Replicape is v3.0.3.

The newer images of Refactor (3.1.0 RC0 and later) are meant for Recore A5 and A6 only. They are offered with 2 different UIs: Moonraker/Mainsail or Octoprint.

Further expansion boards have also just become available, and were shown at ERRF2022 along with the Recore:

  • Remove, an ADXL345 accelerometer with an rpi2040 and USB-C connector for easy multi-MCU integration on the printer and use by Klipper.
  • Restep, a TMC2209 mounted on a PCB with the female pins that directly fits over the S6 and S7 external stepper pins on the Recore, easily bringing the number of supported steppers to 8 without needing another MCU.

Klipper’s Kevin O’Connor came by and discussed the status of the board, as well as the upstream merge of the AR100 support into Klipper for full mainline support of Recore by the latest Klipper development.

Several of the Voron folks were also quite interested by the board and came by to see it and discuss the advantages/needs they have for the Voron ecosystem.

We’re alive and well, even if not communicating quite that much here.