Recently I added the printrbot rev f board to my printer and added the

(Gunnar Meyers) #1

Recently I added the printrbot rev f board to my printer and added the Lassen firmware. Before I had the rev f board my printer was working fine with the induction probe. After adding the new board the probe stopped working. The rev f boards power has a smaller board that says probe but I also know the probe can be plugged right in to the board. Please help me get printing again I’m going thought withdrawal without my prints.

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #2

Two questions. Does the light turn o. When putting something metal under it? 2nd I’m not familiar with that firmware. Does it have code for the probe?

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #3

Also I learned the hard way that plugging the prob in backwards kills it.

(Gunnar Meyers) #4

The light stays on when plugged into the small pcb of the power supply. When plugged into the board the light comes on when metal touches and goes off when backed away. The Lassen firmware also includes probe and the firmware has the probe turned on.

(Michael Spano Jr (AmazingSpanoMan)) #5

Hmmm there is a good chance a wire was reverse when you had it attached to the small pcb. Looks like a possible fried sensor.

(Brook Drumm) #6

Rev f doesn’t need the small add on pcb, the circuit is built in

(Jesse Laird) #7

Lassen is my creation, so I can speak to it. It’s intended to be a single version that can work with any model Printrbot equipped with a rev F4 board, via some new m-codes. (Note that not every model Printrbot can accomodate the F4 board; those with microswitch z endstops require a pullup resistor to be added).

As well, there’s a Bachelor version, with the same goals - and it is to be used on rev B-D Printrboards.

Note that both versions are publicly available on my Github fork, but they’re currently in test. As well, you’ll want to read the information carefully regarding motor connection, M502 reset to defaults, and testing.

Questions, issues, or feedback? Please let me know.

(Brook Drumm) #8

Jesse, you are a rockstar! So grateful for your excellent work!!