Recently had motivation to finish the cover and control panel on my heavily modified

Recently had motivation to finish the cover and control panel on my heavily modified K40 MAXX

Really like the coolant readout! Is there a how-to somewhere?

@y2kvfr I have documented everything so far and I have plan to publish a project. I just need to find the time to do it.

I used this

I cut the PC Power Supply connector off and hooked it directly into the 5v line coming from the K40 power supply. This Flow Meter is just visual, but it provides an easy way to put the temperature prob in-line. I have it between the pump and the laser tube.

I was going to make a window in the panel and light the flow meter with an LED so so I could see the wheel moving and know the water was flowing. I decided not to have the water connections close to the electronics.

This is how I solved the water flow and bubble problem. The water jacket temp meter is on my new panel.

Water temp on the upper right.

BTW nice looking panel…

@donkjr Is this a competition? :wink: if so, I forfeit !

I see a meter like mine, how does the “water jacket” temp differ?

I like your flow/pressure sensor. I think I’ll do that when I replace the pump on my k40 and also use on my new scratch build. I had to bypass the flow sensor on mine. It was cheap and gave false failure indications. As a result it would shut the laser off.

Not at all a competition… your panel looks much better than mine!

The water jacket sensor is measuring the surface of the laser. I wanted (@HalfNormal idea?) to measure the temp of laser & compartment. Eventually I want to test blowing air across the laser as additional cooling.

My controller is on the front of the machine with separate GLDC. I want to make a side box like yours when I upgrade to a longer 50W laser and then move everything into that area and consolidate all panels.
This would would be an add on box that screws to the side of the machine with everything you need for a conversion.
It also allows you to expand the area into the full width of the current box.

BTW how did you get such nice lettering on the panel :)?

Right!?! Can’t wait for the write up. My guess: engraved acrylic overlay with wiped on acrylic paint.

@y2kvfr now that you mention it I see signs of an overlay :)!

Yes. Engrave and Acyluc Fill

ciao mi sai dire che cinghia monta la laser k40 ?