Recent project, Towers of light. As ever, a work in process.

(Mark Estes) #1

Recent project, Towers of light. As ever, a work in process. Started with some Ikea floor lamps, gutted most of the stuff but kept the shade and the base. Each one has a spiral of 150 LEDS wrapped about a cardboard tube that I the ikea lamp. All connected to an teensy 3.2 and an octo adaptor. There are 8 towers in total but only 4 are shown here. (the other 4 took some minor damage during a party a few weeks back). Provides a 360 viewing (there is no front or back or side).

So, a bunch of new patterns, Some patterns play across the entire thing and others confine themselves to a single tower. Not clear what I captured vs left out so I will cut the description short. A mutant version of fire is used. Bits of the original demo reel reside and scraps of the jellyfish code I cobbled together for burning man also reside. Really just getting started on the patterns, as the hardware is now working as I wanted it. Not audio driven yet but it will come. You can see my laptop in a few shots for scale (each is tad over 3 feet tall). .

(Andrew Tuline) #2

Those Holmo lamps are a lot of fun to play with, and cheap too.

(Marc Miller) #3

Those look nice. Cool you have so many to experiment with.

(Mark Estes) #4

Starting to focus on patterns, added a few more . same link (see above). moving this outside tomorrow.

(Marc Miller) #5

Ha, the bouncing balls one is fun!

(Mark Estes) #6

moved installation outside to the deck where it can be enjoyed by all. More photos in the folder posted above.

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