Received my Azteeg X5 today and I am taking a poll...put it on a

Received my Azteeg X5 today and I am taking a poll…put it on a mini Delta, an all metal Prusa i3, my Solidoodle SD3 (which died a slow death last year), or…? While I am at it, if not the SD3, use a Melzi on the SD3, a RAMPS or another Sanguino? Decisions, decisions…

mini Delta is the only one that will benefit.

^ he is right. The delta needs more complex calculations so the board would help.

Oh good because I have one mostly built and another one with the parts sitting in a box…maybe I should go get a few more of these things. BTW one thing I HATE doing is soldering up those connectors. I can never seem to get these right. Now I build model miniatures and paint them and my work is competition grade but those damned 2, 3 and 4 pin things just kill me. Is there an alternative other than cutting off the ends of jumper cables and soldering the unterminated wires to the jumper cables?

Why not get crimp connectors? That’s what they are anyways

Ugh, I tried several and botched the job. Recommendations?

Have you used a proper crimper for the job?

@Griffin_Paquette ​ apparently I used one that was recommended but eh, it didn’t go so well. I know it’s operator error I just haven’t figured out why. What crimper do you use?

I would put it on the delta as well, but it’s not “the only one that will benefit”. I don’t know where this idea came from that Cartesian machines aren’t limited by 8 bit boards, but it’s flat wrong. The planning is VASTLY improved with an ARM board, and this helps all types of machines.

Well now I’m just going to have to go out and buy more boards :slight_smile: