Really wanting a 3d printer. need 7.5" in x,y and z.

Really wanting a 3d printer. need 7.5" in x,y and z. Anyone wanting to make a deal printing the parts needed to replicate your printer?

8x8" platforms are pretty common, but I did a poll a while ago, and most of those only go up to ~3-5" on the Z. Off the top of my head, Bukobot, Ultimaker, and Type-A all meet your size requirement, but none of the popular Mendel variants will.

Why in the world do you need that large of a dimension for a printer? I ask because I run across this claim a lot…

@ThantiK While I’ve never used the full 8" in all 3 dimensions in the same print, I’ve definitely printed things that used the full height OR the full platform.

I went around my apt and found things that I have made of wood, plexi, and concrete, found the shortest dimension and it was about 8". So I figured, that was my maximum average projects size.

yes, I totaly agree with @Whosa_whatsis it would be extremely rare that I use all 3 at once, but 8x8 on occasion.

Nathan, the things you are considering printing, can they be printed as smaller parts and joined? Just seems like a large build envelope…

Mendel90 has a build volume that is a 200mm cube minus a little bit in the corners for the bed clips.

If you don’t need the glass plate removable, you can tape it to the PCB with Kapton and get a true 200³mm³ build volume.

@Dave_M1 They could be, but I would rather not join pieces if I can help. The pieces I intend to make would be production not prototype so I want as ‘finished’ of a part as possible.

@nop_head the mendl90 looks nice and the print area is good. With mostly MDF I would only need a few parts printed.

Edit: I see there is a new plexi version. Which looks awesome. I would certainly get one of those but it’s a little outside of my price range at $800 + Shipping.

Nophead’s Mendel90 offer is a very sweet deal for what you get. The only other printer i know of that offers a full-size build envelope at a similar price is Brook Drumm’s (imo) somewhat flimsy PrintrBot Plus.

Yes its a good deal in the UK but the exchange rate is such that it isn’t in the US although I have sold one there.