Really loud steppers only when idle?

I am in the process of installing a Smoothieboard in my 3d printer. I just got the Z axis up and running and the stepper puts off a really high frequency LOUD sound when it is idle. When I move the axis up or down it is really quiet and smooth sounding, but when it comes to a stop it goes back to being really loud. I have the current setup correctly. What settings in the config could I tweak to get rid of this sound?

My old controller board I was using did not have nearly this much sound coming from idle steppers.

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This may be -because- you have the right current set :slight_smile:
Try reducing the current by 20-30%, this usually has a pretty drastic effect on sound.

Cheers !

Got the board all setup and I’ve been doing a few prints and even with lower current to the motors that sound is really starting to get to me, it seems like the Z axis when idling during the print is trying to hold its position when it really doesn’t need to cause it is a fine pitch lead screw. There some way to disable the Z axis in between layers? Its like almost a white noise high pitched whine it is generating from it holding torque. The X/Y axis do not have that sound while moving around. Is there some settings I can tweak to like change the frequency of the steppers or something? My previous controller board did not have this issue at all.

Would these lines effect anything to do with the sound? I don’t really understand their function.

  1. Stepper module configuration

microseconds_per_step_pulse 1 # Duration of step pulses to stepper drivers, in microseconds
base_stepping_frequency 100000 # Base frequency for stepping, higher gives smoother movement

Nope, these two lines would have no effect. This is essentially independent from the firmware.
I think if it was fine with another board, you should simply reduce the current further.

The motors I have, have a 1.0 amp rating, I’m running 0.8 right now, how low could I go before they become too weak to function properly? Also running the same 12v as the last board. It is a XYZ Da Vinci printer that I am modding. I love the Smoothieboard btw.