Really impressed with the bits from that turned up today.

(Tim Rastall) #1

Really impressed with the bits from that turned up today. I ordered a Rumba board an LCD controller and 5 polulu type drivers. What I got was all this. The rumba in fact comes with 6 preinstalled drivers on board as part of the basic package (which I didn’t realize) so i’ve got 5 spares now :). The kits also included 2 x Epcos 100K thermistors, 3 x GT2 pulleys, an antistatic screwdriver and a full wiring kit, none of which I ordered knowingly and didn’t get invoiced for…

(John Driggers) #2

Nothing be excellent experience from RRD here as well, and it seems like they are always adding extras to the kits.

(Stephen Baird) #3

I bought a Rumba from them during their Indiegogo campaign and was similarly impressed with them. I’ve recommended them to a few friends to, and they’ve been impressed with their experiences as well.

(David Brightbill) #4

Why the ceramic screwdriver?

(matthew bennett) #5

I’ve also had nothing but good experiences with ReprapDiscount. If I need something they sell, I’d buy it from them.

(Bill Owens) #6

RRD has been great to deal with on the two orders I’ve placed so far. And if you can get a larger order together (makerspace, group build, etc.) their bulk discounts are very deep.

@David_Brightbill the ceramic screwdriver lets you adjust the stepper potentiometers without the risk of shorting out something important on the circuit board. They’re really handy, though somewhat fragile. . .

(David Brightbill) #7

Another adjustment? The next hero in 3D printing will be the folks who figure out how to make printers self calibrate.

(Minuk Choi) #8

Can you elaborate on the kit you purchased, perhaps with a link or two?

(Eric Moy) #9

@David_Brightbill yeah, I remember pandabot tried to do that on a Kickstarter. Then they showed some awful sample prints, and the whole thing turned pear shaped. Seems like they were using the term self calibrating very loosely

(Bill Owens) #10

@David_Brightbill A manufacturer could certainly preset the stepper drivers because they would know what current was needed for the motors they use, in their particular application. But for those of us building our own machines, it’s important to be able to adjust them.

(Tim Rastall) #11

@David_Brightbill @Bill_Owens
Repetier firmware has some settings for the RAMBO electronically adjustable stepper drivers ( I’ve not read much about them but the ability to tweek stepper current in firmware is quite appealing. I strongly suspect the next big step (pun) in open source printer electronics is closed loop feedback and that should include stepper driver tuning. Of course, the problem is the extra electronics involved will increase cost and complexity, at least in the short term. IMO anyway.

(Tim Rastall) #12

@Minuk_Choi Links below:
What I ordered:

What I got:

(Minuk Choi) #13

@Tim_Rastall sounds like a bargain!

(Tim Rastall) #14

@Paolo_Amboni Slowly due to parenting and job and etc. Have got the Z design done but every thing in rhino is a mess so I haven’t done any renders to post yet. Also my mendelmax is having a tantrum so I need to fix it before I can get more printed parts sorted. Excuses excuses :frowning: