Really hate to ask as I know it's an easy thing to do,

Really hate to ask as I know it’s an easy thing to do, but does anyone have the XY Belt Tensioners and the default carriage modified for use with 10mm cross rods?

The belt tensioners are built in. The bushing holes in the carriage will fit 8mm or 10mm bushings

Woops sorry you’re correct I forgot that the OD on the bronze bushings is the same!

However for the cross rod holes in the XY belt tensioner pieces I think those are a snug fit for 8mm rods right?@jerryflyguy

@Walter_Hsiao ​ has an 8mm and 10mm version. Plus his is a more elegant/clean design. I don’t have the same knack for design as several of the guys that built the machine after me. I have a very utilitarian design sense. It takes real talent to break it down to it’s simplest components and have smooth arcs between features like others have come up with.

Thanks Eric, I have printed out Walter’s and was just looking to print a set of yours as well but maybe I’ll just stick with Walter’s. Do you know if it’s acceptable to use the self aligning bushings in walter’s parts? I haven’t gotten them in yet so I can’t do a fit check but it looks like it’ll work out. I read Walter’s page on them that he had made them for graphite bushings so I wasn’t exactly sure.

@Ryan_Fiske i believe he maintained the standard ID, then printed his TPU sleeve to fit the difference. Also if I recall he eventually moved to the self alignment type anyway. A dimension check between his parts and mine could tell you pretty quick if his is sized for the self alignment type.

yes you’re right :slight_smile: