Read input

(websmothie_SW) #1


Is possible to read digital pin input with M code and send status to the host?

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(Arthur Wolf) #2


Not at this time I don’t think.

(websmothie_SW) #3


The only idea I have is to use ADC of thermistors. ?

(Arthur Wolf) #4

You are the first person to need this. It has not been implemented so far.

Would you feel ready to add it to the code ?

(websmothie_SW) #5

I need this option to check with the sensor if gripper has grabbed the object. Maybe there is other elegant solution but now i have no idea.
I am not a programmer but maybe with a help and some suggestions I can try.

(Arthur Wolf) #6

You can configure your sensor as the Zprobe, and read it’s status with M119. That’d probably work.