re-ARM grbl-LPC

Hello guys,

I’ve read inconsistent topics about the grbl-LPC. In some topics is written it’s not possible to use with boards which don’t have built-in drivers. In other topics there is the re-ARM board is supported by the grbl-LPC.
Can you help me please if I can install the grbl-LPC firmware to my re-ARM boards or not? I’d like to use this board for my coreXY CNC machine based on The Ant project. If yes, is there a useable coreXY configuration file for the re-ARM board?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate every help

I’m guessing you read this article?

It’s not really whether the drivers are on the board that matters, but it happens that at least many such don’t have a pin-out that is compatible with the smoothieware pinout.

If it is not supported, then see grblHAL:

Re-ARM is included in the supporte boards for grblHAL, as are the SKR 1.3 and 1.4:


Thanks a lot, this gdblHAL seems what I’m looking for. I’m going to investigate it.