Raster speed issue fixed?

@raykholo reported on FB that the raster speed issue on smoothie is fixed?
If so the sucking sound that has been dragging me toward grbl has died down :slight_smile:


That would be great if they finally worked it out.

Have a link to what you are talking about ?

LightBurn’s developer has rewritten the smoothie firmware for faster rastering speeds. It is currently undergoing internal testing, but is almost ready to be released for the C3D boards running smoothie. I think it will only work with LightBurn, as the gcode must be generated specifficaly for the new firmware. I would readch out to @raykholo for more details.


Would this firmware also work for original smoothieboards? I would imagine so as the internal pinouts of smoothieboard and C3D correlate with each other.

Here is the announcement on the C3D forum.