Raster engraving at fast speeds

I was using my engraver to images and i wanted to speed it up to 160 mm/s but the machine was shaking a little a the belt was sound like it was striping or slipping. but the belt tension seems tight enough. An ideas or solutions to help to engrave faster

What controller and software are you using? Also a short video of the issue maybe helpful.

Im using k40 whisperer and its a m2 nano controller and im cant film a video right now im out of town

Typically with the stock m2nano controller there shouldn’t be any issue with increasing raster speed up to 500mm/s. Of course it is probably recommend to stay under 350mm/s to avoid stressing the motor or the power supply. So your issue is either motor or belt / pulley related.

ok so i know u want both belts to be the same tightness. what is the best to do that

There is no real need for precision on belt tightness and how tight you need to make them is always debated. You just want them relatively tight with no slack.

how do you know if it is to tight?

The belts have some stretch to them. I usually tighten them up until they strum a bit when you pluck them. Sometimes it takes tightening them and then running a test job to see if they are any issues and then tightening some more if needed.

Ok Thanks on last question what speed and power do to have your laser set at for raster engrave on wood

That depends on a number of factors. Such as how deep do you want the engraving, how small are the details, scan step rate, type of wood etc. Also will depend on your specific machine as tube quality / age, mirror and/or lens quality will affect things.

There is a balance you have to strike with power and speed depending on what you are trying to achieve. For something that has lots of very small details it’s better to go slower at lower power because there is a limit on how fast the laser can effectively fire due to the rise time of the laser tube energising. Too much power at lower speeds can also blow out small details. Larger items with not much fine details can go faster at higher power.

Typically it’s best to do a small test engrave (like a square or text) on your material of choice at different different speeds and power to see what works best for your machine.

That being said, for my machine, which has a new tube and power supply, I typically will engrave something like smallish text at 350mm/s and ~8ma power for most wood.

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