Rappy32's anti-shock demo made by   - Arduino DUE   - 4 DC encoder motors

(Joongho Choe) #1

Rappy32’s anti-shock demo made by #stellamove

  • Arduino DUE
  • 4 DC encoder motors
  • H-bot


(Camerin hahn) #2

Still the most unfortunate name you could have chosen…

(Arthur Wolf) #3

I was thinking of calling my dirt-printing machine dirtie

(Joongho Choe) #4

@Camerin_hahn Sorry, brand naming seems very difficult for people of non-English speaking. Maybe next model name will be changed…

(Michael Andresen) #5

This is h-bot and not corexy?

(Joongho Choe) #6

yes, it’s exactly H-Bot. Um… H-Bot is not the kind of corexy?

(Øystein Krog) #7

First actual printer I’ve seen with dc encoder motors, very interesting.

(Camerin hahn) #8

@Joongho_Choe it is far to close to rape, I understand branding is hugely important and difficult. I have shown it to a few people, several did a double take as the miss read the name.

(Joongho Choe) #9

If you do not know Korean, please see the video after 4 minutes. Sorry…

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

Most notable difference is CoreXY has a crossover in the belt layout. H-bot does not.

(mr.egyrt) #11

which operating system is being used laptop hp?

(Joongho Choe) #12

We’ve tested corexy by applying to the printer 3 months ago. But just now we choose h-bot. In comparing the two systems seem to be advantages, disadvantages. How do you think about the two systems?

(Joongho Choe) #13

@mr.egyrt PC Tool operates on Windows and OSX.(exactly, the OS of notebook is Windows 8.1)

(Joongho Choe) #14

@Camerin_hahn I appreciate it for your point out. We will continue to worry about the brand name for our printer ^.^