Range hook knobs: Next edition of new wine in old wineskins

A knob broke on our range hood. We always hated the knobs because there were two unlabeled identical knobs, so it was trial and error whether we turned on the range hood light or fan.

So I designed new knobs that were different for the two functions; a three-bladed knob for the fan and something resembling the original for the light. We can’t even see them because they are hidden under the hood, and this picture is taken with “night sight” and emphasizes the print defects, but they feel fine to the touch, which is all that matters:

I made them with the realthunder branch of FreeCAD and sliced them with prusa-slicer. Here are all the files:

Sadly, the next thing that broke was the light switch; the light now turns on only momentarily while wiggling the now-broken switch. I even replaced the light bulb to make sure.

It might be time to replace the range hood with a better unit.

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