Rainbows for Pride 2015 I coded up a small animation that makes ever-shifting rainbows,

Rainbows for Pride 2015
I coded up a small animation that makes ever-shifting rainbows, for Pride 2015. Short sample video is below, code is here https://gist.github.com/kriegsman/964de772d64c502760e5 I took these animations to a couple of events this weekend, and people seemed to like them. (A couple of people were surprised that I’d code up “just rainbows”, but for Pride how could I not?) The short video doesn’t show how much the animation varies and shifts over time, but it has a pretty wide range of effects, all rainbow-y.

This code itself is not particularly commented this time; it’s meant to be more of a plug-and-play animation, though of course you’re welcome to run it and tinker with the parameters and see what you get – that’s what I did!

The simple one-function animation structure is compatible with the DemoReel100 style of cycling through multiple animations, and you should be able to cut and paste the ‘pride’ function into other sketches relatively easily.

Requires FastLED 3.1 from the github.branch of the same name.

Colorific :]

The code look scary !!! But the look is totally “fairy”

It also comes together every so often on my 8x8 matrix.

Ha! Of course! I’ll have to check it out.

I try this on Arduino Uno with 400 pixel of WS2811, only 256 leds are lit.
Some how it’s limit to work with 256 or less.
Thanks @Mark_Kriegsman

I’ll edit it to handle more pixels.

Thanks @Mark_Kriegsman
The effect look wonderful

Thanks, and it should be all set. Updated code at the same URL: https://gist.github.com/kriegsman/964de772d64c502760e5

I had used an 8-bit variable (uint8_t) for pixelnumber. Changing it to a 16-bit variable (uint16_t) made it able to handle more than 255 pixels. Thanks for the ‘bug report’ – happy to get it fixed; more rainbow pixels is better, right?!

Thanks @Mark_Kriegsman
It’s look awesome on my 8x50 matrix
There are some great pattern showed when it’s on the matrix

Ah very cool! I’d love to see video if you can easily share it.

It is fantastic , a great code that looks stunning on a 8x8 neopixel matrix, thank you Mark for the share