Radial Arm Drill Press

So a vintage Delta Rockwell radial arm drill press just showed up in one of my saved craigslist searches. For the record, I am NOT starting a new tool rescue project, as much as I may be tempted. :sweat_smile:

Sharing more because I was completely unaware such a tool existed. This thing is completely badass to me. It swings, it slides, it pivots! :slight_smile:

(full confession, Iā€™m mainly not getting it because the guy wants $300 for it. Probably a good price, but does make it easier to resist :laughing:)

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So what is different is that the head goes, in and out and rotates??

Right. Apparently it allows you to keep your piece flat and still drill angled holes. More important for longer pieces. Also allows you adjust your drilling reach.

The temptation continues :sweat:


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Int that top heavy?? Be safe!

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