R7 Tuning

Im looking for the set up tuning for the R7 with tinyG. Colin_Kamanski had given it to me before but my house burned down and I lost all my files and computer. If anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Sorry to hear about your house!

@Colin_Kaminski asked about $$ config about a month ago and @Dwight followed up with his $$ dump so that might give you a start. He moved to an MKS DLC v2.0 though.

I’m looking for an $$ parameters. But the one listed is not what I want. I got it up and running I am checking now for accuracy and speeds. It would just be easier and faster if I had the parameters. Colin’s was near perfect for my machine.

Thanks. We are almost done building the new home. We should be in by Thanksgiving.

I am just visiting for the first time in awhile. I’ll look for the settings I sent.