Quoting multi-paragraph text in replies affected by site update

Last night, I updated MakerForums to the latest version of Discourse. At least for me, the “quote widget” (the thing that responds to you selecting text in a post or comment by offering to quote or to share to twitter or in email) fails. If it works for you, please comment below with the browser version you are currently using.

I have reported this bug:

Let’s see …

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See quote above using current Chrome browser with extensive addons.

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Thanks @Jammy! What browser and browser version are you using?

I have more information: It works for me within a paragraph but not across paragraphs.

Please try to respond, quoting this paragraph…

…though to include this paragraph as well, and see whether it works.


Im using “Samsung Internet” on Android.

And its the same for me, across paragraphs fail unfortunately.

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I updated the subject line to describe the actual problem.

I will plan to temporarily disable plugins to determine whether this problem is a bad interaction between some plugin and the update.

I’m at working using my android phone. Not working on Android Chrome.

I rebuilt the entire site, which caused a brief outage, and the problem is resolved.

I’m glad I made changes some months ago to make full site rebuilds take us off the air for a shorter time! :slight_smile: