Quite happy with the raster quality I get with LW4!

Quite happy with the raster quality I get with LW4!

Please teach me!!!

What PWM period?

Now that you mention this @donkjr ​, I’ve being meaning to ask where do we change pwm period in grbl @cprezzi

Interested in finding out more about the logo used in the fab lab… I printed off a fleet of catapults from thingaverse for my daughter awhile back that had this logo on it

+Peter van der Walt​ let me know and I can draft up a fundraiser post for @cprezzi ​ if needed

@Alex_Krause ​ please do so, my English is not very good looking

I have used the default Grbl 1.1e, so PWM frequency is 0.98kHz.
Grbl is not built to change the PWM frequency. There are only a few prescaler values. See cpu-map.h for details.

Thank you all for your support in fundraising my K40. I really appreciate!

What is your paypal link @cprezzi ? I want to contribute, since I have helped all the other devs, I can’t forget about you!

Thank you Anthony! My paypal link is https://www.paypal.me/cprezzi

@cprezzi we are publishing a fundraiser soon

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Thank you alot!

I will work on integration of it into what I have written so far, when I get off work this evening and should have it posted before I go to bed

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty+Peter van der Walt@cprezzi ​ I have sent each of you another draft of the fundraising post let me know if I need to make anymore changes