Quick video on the Overlord Pro 3D Printer that was a huge success on

Quick video on the Overlord Pro 3D Printer that was a huge success on Kickstarter last year. We hope to get more printers soon to compare them and find the best prosumer 3D Printer

Anyone else say "Get that glob out of the way!" like I did?

I wonder how it compares to a ROSTOCK MAX 2.

I looked a little closer, she’s a cheap beast for sure.

Very nice video. I think print quality could be better, see all the stringing and blobbing? Is it the hotend or perhaps the extruder?

You know I’ve seen worse, far worse. The underside of that golf tee is understandable because of the print oreantation and support. (I would have changed the direction)

The strings and blobs seen is likely due to incorrect settings of the temperature for the material used (I can print and get good surface quality). However, it’s far too early to recommend this printer as there is a mechanical/firmware issue. Prints come out with wrong X/Y dimensions but hopefully it’s an easy fix for the support to update the firmware. But as of right now, the support is really slow, you need to wait 2-3 weeks for a response but that’s likely due to the fact that almost all their manpower is dedicated to build the ~800 printers people pledged for.
I got an i3 as well and compaired to it, the Overlord is easier to use but as of right now, only for things where x/y dimensions does not matter.
The firmware was said to be open source but it has still not been released so users cant fix it themselves either. (They say it will be released later when the devs are satisfied with it, but it’d be so much easier for them if users could help solving the issues instead)