Quick update on my newly designed quad ..

(Fabian Schurig) #1

Quick update on my newly designed quad … What do you think?

(Liam Jackson) #2

Looks good, I like the front as it looks like it would protect FPV gear well in a crash! Those arms look a little thin compared to commercial offerings though and connected by two screws, are they strong enough?

(Giligain I.) #3

Looks like it can skip on water…Leedle Froggie.

(Vincent Tan) #4

What is the weight ?

(Liam Jackson) #5

@Giligain_I Now I want to design a boat quadcopter!

(Fabian Schurig) #6

The frames weight is around 133,60 gramms. Lighter than a ZMR250.

(Jean-luc DRONE) #7

Is that sources are available :slight_smile: ??

(Fabian Schurig) #8


(Jean-luc DRONE) #9

Coooool Thanks