"quick swap" options for replacing the laser tube?

Can’t currently think of a more accurate term, but what I’m looking for is a method of replacing the tube did I see fairly often in YouTube videos where the person is basically unscrewing a small clamp of some sort from the leads on the tube ends. Trying to figure out what the connectors I’m looking for are called as well as figuring out if there’s a certain grade I need for use with the K40. Not looking to replace my tube overly often, but would like to simplify the process of replacing that particular consumable. I prefer this concept over cutting and soldering high voltage connections. I hope my query makes sense. Please ask questions if I need to further elaborate to clearly get my question understood.

Quick ebay search found me this one…there are many other listings on amazon and ebay, this is just an example so you know what to search for.

Here is essentially the same connector type that @funinthefalls suggested.

Here is some HV wire:

The silicon that I use is: Permatex Blue RTV gasket Maker which you can get at most big box or car parts stores.

Keep in mind that this connector makes it easier to replace the LPS but when you replace the laser you still have to disconnect and reconnect the solderless connections at the cathode/anode of the laser.

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