Quick question... what do people do with those blasted nylon clam shell spools that

Quick question… what do people do with those blasted nylon clam shell spools that ships with Taulman 618 nylon? Im hating that spool right now.

They seem to unspool from those pretty cleanly, so I would just poke a hole in the center and put it on a rod. The little spools that the 1.75 stuff comes on now are much nicer, though…

Seems like I’m having some issues with that clam shell spool being harder to pull the filament out of crossed with the filament being slippery and the extruder just not grippy enough. Tricky stuff… will need further experimentation.

What drive gear are you using? Nylon requires a particularly grippy one.

Yeah the Mosaic has a weird drive gear and Ive never been able to find it in the wild. They use a stainless steel timing belt pulley of some kind to fit the 6mm shaft of the geared nema14. Works surprisingly well for what it is but not in this case. I need one of your Tatsu drive gears and adapt the Buko’s feeder to fit the mosaic linear slides. You guys going to start selling parts anytime soon?

I believe the motor we’re using is the same one that’s on the Mosaic, so you should be able to use our drive gear as a drop-in replacement.

Is it really a timing pulley? I thought they were using spur gears… Anywho, selling whole extruders will probably have to wait until our back-ordered printers go out (we don’t want to run out of parts for them), but we could probably sell the gear itself. I’m hoping we can get some more 5mm ID gears made soon so that we can sell those as upgrades for direct-drive extruders.

Yeah the MG Prusa extruder has a stainless spur gear that fits that motors 8mm shaft. I found that guy at SDP/SI. At least on the M1 though they switched to a pulley I presume to fit the 6mm shaft. Id be very happy to buy one of your drive gears.