Quick question..in lw4 is there a way to make it so the machine doesn't

Quick question…in lw4 is there a way to make it so the machine doesn’t do the travel paths on backgrounds? I turned off burn white background but it still does the travel moves. This adds a lot of unnecessary time to projects.


What do you mean by “travel paths”. Have you verified that the area that its erroneously travelling is really white?

As per our pm I’ll process and look at the gcode.

If the background is truly white and you disable burn white.

I know it did have no background(transparent) as I cut my kids out of another pic. So it should be totally white, I’m going to double check after work. Thanks for the reply.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Hmm… I have set it to 50% actually, but the beam simply does not show up when “checking size”… But when I click on “Laser test”, with the same value of power as 50% I can see the laser beam lights up… Ok, it does not matter so much, this is not such important thing (ofcourse, it would be useful a bit, but not a major thing)…
@Chris_Menchions about the skipping white places - I am playing with my laser so if I will find out - I will let You know Chris. But I have the same problem as You do - the laser wastes time on moving on completely white places… I have tried .JPG and .PNG images… What are we missing…?

@Linas_Peckys ​ check size will only do a square arround the complete object including white space as is part of mthe image.

I figured it out that it’s the type of processing I’m doing. It adds up to lack of knowledge about image processing. Still needs to test a few things but I think it might solved

@Chris_Menchions 's image was dithered and as a result the “white” was not really white. Some pixels were imaged to create “light grey” in the “white” space which is why LW created sweeps across those areas that looked white. The power was turned down enough that the background grey did not show up when marking.

What Don said!

@Chris_Menchions Correct. If You use photoshop, create an image and then “File -> Save for web” Choose PNG-24 and tick checkbox for “Transparency”, then save an image. And if You had a transparent background in photoshop, Your image now will also be saved with transparent background. Now in LW4 turn off “Burn white” and check the simulation or simply run the job and You will see that everything works as it should.

P.S., as for the “check size” I have added a macro in settings, and now the new button was created (must re-start software after macro added) next to “Go to XY” and “LASER OFF”, I created a macro “LASER ON”. So what I do is I click on this “LASER ON” and then click on “CHECK SIZE” and now the laser will draw the line for the check size… So You manually can control laser on/off + movements. Check these screenshots for the

CONFIGURATION: https://image.ibb.co/mWThak/Screenshot_2017_04_19_16_02_31.jpg

RESULT: https://image.ibb.co/n8Vvvk/Screenshot_2017_04_19_16_02_40.jpg