Quick question.... Im building a Reprapguru I3,

Quick question… Im building a Reprapguru I3, I have everything connected but the instruction is unclear as to where the Hot end fan connection goes. The videos state the power supply but the pdf states the ramps board. The video says the d9 connection on the ramps board is for print cooling fan and that the hot end fan needs to run constantly. I tried to google this but there are so many variations to the controller board that I’m not sure as to where to connect the fan. Any help will be appreciated and I hop that I will be able to contribute to this community soon!

Have you contacted the vendor?

They don’t respond on the weekend and they haven’t been helpful when requesting missing parts. This was the first weekend I’ve had in about two weeks to put this together, my first attempt before this weekend came to a halt because they didn’t pack the required screws for the extruder assembly. I live in the sticks so sourcing what I need to replace missing or bad components locally is very hard. I had to fix the thermistor for the hot end because the one that was sent was heat shrinked together and fell apart and the wires were twisted inside the brass end. I’m asking here for the sake of getting this running before the day is over and have to wait another 2 weeks to get back at it and possibly run into another issue

@Luis_Rodriguez There are two types of hotend fans, the one that cools the middle or cold part of the hotend, and one that blows at the tip of the hotend cooling the printed material.

The first type should run continuously and should be wired into your power supply or other constant source.

The second type should be controllable so you can turn it on and off for different material types so you can wire that into the control board!

@Aaron_Spaulding thank you for the clarification!

@Luis_Rodriguez No Problem