quick question, I found a 4.2 amp USB car charger at Monoprice (which is

quick question, I found a 4.2 amp USB car charger at Monoprice (which is down the street from me) for $9 in there front store so I don’t need to order it i can just walk in, I saw someone talk about a car charger as a buck converter. Would this be a good one in a tight spot?


It’s worked ok for me in the past, with a couple of caveats: they’re relatively inefficient, and the voltage may swing up and down a bit. But yeah: I’ve found that they basically work ok. Not sure I’d draw 4 Amps through it constantly, though…

ok cool thanks for the info im gonna order a few regular buck converters anyway but it may be a good emergency option if there ever is one haha

better buy a big buck converter. im building a new led suit at the moment and im using 2, 20A converters. my suit needs 40A in total
i bought these for under 20 euros on ebay. they are molded in epoxy and a big heat sink. runs like a charm
later tonight i will upload a video of the process till now.

40 amps in a vest?!?! How many lights? And what kinda battery???

i use 500 2811 pixels and i use 6x 12v. 7.2amp batterys in my backpack. the suit need to last for ours before running out of power

i just uploaded the video to fastled users but here it is

thats awesome dude thats not a vest its a whole suit haha

You get it why i need the 40A ? haha

By now even my arms are fully pixeled