Quick question. I am having an issue on the finish pass of a 3D

Quick question. I am having an issue on the finish pass of a 3D carve where occasionally it will leave a line that stands out. It is very random. I just did a carve that was 14" and it left 3 lines in it overall. Anyone had any issues like this or suggestions on what might cause it?

Can you post a picture?

Missed Z-step? Motor shouldn’t power off on those short runs between z changes.

The wood looks awesome!

@Darren_Lee thanks. It is red oak. It really looks good with a coat of poly on it.

Do you have the z-motor set to always energized? If you run the job twice does it happen in the same place?

Not sure. How do I make sure it is always energized?

With TinyG check $4pm (assuming your z axis is on the 4th servo) $4pm=1 will make sure it doesn’t get turned off.

@Colin_Kaminski I am running the gradus m1

I don’t have very much grbl experience. Type $$ and see what your settings are. Here is the guide and I don’t see power settings:

@Colin_Kaminski thanks I’ll check it out.

Ran the same carve again and it left lines in different spots this time.

So that rules out the G-Code itself. When my Z axis slips it never recovers and every line would be lower after the slip. Could the bit be picking up a contaminate? I have had aluminum burrs that damage the work.

$1=255 locks the motors in GRBL.
What end mill is leaving this line? Ball end?

@Brandon_Satterfield .125 ball

@Brandon_Satterfield it has also left a raised ridge in one spot