Quick question. Can everyone tell me what their favorite feature of LaserWeb2 is and

Quick question. Can everyone tell me what their favorite feature of LaserWeb2 is and also the feature that gives you the most grief? Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Favorite is the speed at which it processes raster images, most grief is that Vector and raster can not be in the same file (Not as of yet, but coming in the near future, is part of the roadmap)

Agree with @funinthefalls ​ in regards of raster speed now. I would add general workflow process. The least is that I cannot use it on my phone

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​ I noticed it doesn’t do well on a phone… is it the native resolution the interface wants to load up to that causes that?

Yes and there is no mobile interface

Development has been focused on tablets, not phones for control. There is just not enough screen realestate on a phone to do the software justice. Peter has stated that he will not be supporting phones with this version of LaserWeb.

I really want a Pipo x9 so I can run the main interface exported to a monitor and use the pipo for the touch control interface

I have an 8" Windows tablet with HDMI out and a USB OTG port that I plan to use on my RedSail LE400 laser re-build. My MKS SBASE board (Smoothie derivative) has a Wifi module added as an option so I can use the tablet as a wireless touchscreen interface if I want. I can also control the Sbase board from any computer on my network. I could open some ports on my wifi router to allow access from any where in the world as long as ther is Internet accesss, however, I will not be enabling this, I am a firm believer that you must be near the machine while it is in operation.

I’m gonna need some help with wiring up the smoothie I figure while I’m cutting some plates for Anthony on my Ox I would attempt to make the conversion on the k40 any takers :slight_smile:

I can help with what I have done. i’m running MKS SBASE in my first K40. I’m looking to build a second one and if Smoothieboards come back in stock I might grab one of those next.

I think the smoothies will be back in stock in a few weeks was the last I heard

with laserweb2 i can’t figure out how to add multiple Start/stop G-Codes