Quick question about settings for Shapeoko 2. - Today...

Quick question about tinyg settings for Shapeoko 2. - Today… the board seemed to ‘forget’ who it was and I needed to re-install the settings for travel rate and spindle control etc. I cycled the power and the settings seemed to work fine… but why did it happen? I think I may have hit reset in Chilipeppr - does this reset all of the settings? What does this reset do compared to the reset button on the tinyg board?

That reset button does not reset your settings. It’s the equivalent of hitting the reset button on TinyG. So, not sure why you lost your settings.

The tinyG reset button and the CLI command “[control]x” should have the same affect - restart the tinyG FW with current settings (settings are stored in non-volitile EEPROM). If you hover mouse over the Reset button on CP TinyG widget, the pop-up reports that it is sending the cntl+x sequence, as John reports.
The only legitimate way to revert tinyG settings to ‘factory’ is the $defa=1 command, which replaces the EEPROM parameter settings with a set compiled-in to the FW, and they are not ShapeOko friendly.
So unless you sent $defa=1 from the CP Serial Port Console, you may have found a bug. What fw version/build are you running on your tinyG? That would be the results of $fb query in Serial Port Console(most up-to-date would be $fb=438.02)